Mix review and remote
collaboration for

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Pibox appPibox app

Mix review & versions

Use time-stamped comments to give clear feedback about the mix.
Easily navigate through versions.

Communication and files in one place

Chat personally or create group chats to communicate with
many people at the same time, and in one place.

Store in cloud
Access to chat’s files

Cloud storage

Organize and store all materials in Box. Synchronize and access your files from anywhere in the world. Upload to chat anything from your Box.

Extra large files

Access from
any device

Keep files

Upload files of
any type

One subscription for all your
collaborators and clients

Plans include subscription with cloud for
all team members and clients

Store in cloud
Live audio sharing & calls

Live audio sharing & calls

Share high-quality stereo audio with your team from your DAW or any audio source.

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